It's so important to make someone happy

Hi there! My name is William Holland and observing the world around me has always been the norm for me. It was looking out the car window when I was little on family vacations seeing different signs, buildings, trees, mountains, and so much more that has given me creative inspiration. 

Little White began as a final project for a marketing class, granted it was a little different, but it served the same purpose. The purpose of the little white book was to put on paper some of my life’s aspirations outside of work, my "Bucket List." I realized I could expand this book into a website to show the world photographs of some of the places I have been. 


Never would I imagine I would have the opportunity to meet the people I have or go the places I have been, but since working at MillerCoors I have been fortunate. Fortunate to work in an industry I admire. As a fan I still get excited when brewers respond on twitter, or if I am lucky I get re-tweeted. I am not the best writer, photographer, or beer enthusiast on the planet, but I am honest and honestly I didn't think this website would make it past college.