Southward Bound

Starting a career is a milestone for anyone, but fortunately I have been able to work in an industry that excites me right from the start. Working in beer is a role I wouldn't have imagined myself in even two years ago. There has been no shortage of individuals whom I owe my current career. It's funny how life works in ways we couldn't imagine, but we are happy for the most part where we end up. I turned a school case competition into a career and not many can say they enjoyed a school project so much they wanted to make it their livelihood.

I have been with MillerCoors for 3 months and I can say it is a company made up of some phenomenal individuals. Not only are the people who I work with extremely talented and knowledgable, but they enjoy the industry as a whole like I do. As a sales representative, I understand this is the frontline of the industry. Forward facing and customer focused. I think back to a podcast with Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewing in Gary, IN and Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting. On the show they talked about how selling beer in this competitive market allows us to learn some of the reasons why a beer can be put on tap or pulled from the lineup. These learning experiences are why I wanted to work in sales. 

My goals and numbers may be different than the local craft brewery's rep, but in the end I believe we should both have the same mission to provide the customer with the best beer we can at the right place and the right time. As someone who enjoys a Miller High Life in addition to 18th Street Brewing's Hunter, I know the two can co-exist. (Granted comparing the these two beers is like apples and oranges

Since moving to Knoxville, TN I have seen a vastly different beer scene from what I was used to in Indiana. The number of breweries is far less, although growing, and low gravity vs. high gravity beer laws are as old as no Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana. None the less, great breweries exist in The Volunteer State like Wiseacre Brewery in Memphis, Blackberry Farm Brewery in Walland, or Crafty Bastard near Knoxville's Old City. 

As a beer drinker and someone who enjoys taking adventures to meet new people and try new things, I was excited to find The Pretentious Beer Glass Company was located here in Knoxville. It was a Coors Banquet spot where I first saw Matthew Cummings crafting hand blown beer glasses and so I made the trip to his studio to purchase a couple for myself. I am not sure where I will go next in this Rocky Top town, but maybe there will be another post if anyone ends up reading this. 

Writing & Photography by yours truly.

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